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Juandré Venter controls the tax and statutory compliance of KCE, with expert knowledge of South African tax law. She manages all the statutory requirements that the South African Receiver of Revenue places on Companies and individuals. Juandre is an astute member of staff, always refreshing and growing her understanding of the changes in our current economic climate.

Our extensive tax services include:

  • Income Tax Registrations (Corporate, Individual & Trust)
  • All Statutory Registrations (VAT & PAYE UIF & WCC)
  • Non Profit Organisations – Registrations
  • Customs & Excise Registrations
  • Provisional Tax Returns (Company, Close Corporation, Individuals & Trusts)
  • Tax Returns (ITR14 Companies, ITR12 Trust, IT12EI, IT12 – Individuals)
  • ADR1 & ADR2 (objections)
  • Tax Clearance certificates
  • Foreign investment allowance clearances
  • Tax Directives
  • Dividends Returns (DTR01 & DTR02)
  • IT14SD (Supplementary Declaration for Companies and Close Corporations)
  • Tax Planning
  • Tax Audits

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