Anne Bojanus oversees the Payroll department, that strives for perfection in the preparation of payroll processes.

Keeping abreast of all legislative and statutory requirements within the law, she monitors and delivers a first class service to our clients.

Payroll Services;

• Processing of Monthly Payroll (pay slips, benefits, leave, bonuses etc.)
• (We are able to assist with Salaries & Wages – weekly / fortnightly)
• Preparation and Submission of EMP 201 (monthly)
• Preparation and Submission Bi-Annual EMP Reconciliation with SARS
• Preparation and Submission EMP501 Reconciliation with SARS
• Handling any EMP Queries from SARS
• Preparation of Payroll Reconciliation for Year End process
Miscellaneous Services (Accounting);
• Preparation of Letter of Earnings
• Preparation of Management Accounts & Reports for Bank / Loan requirements
• Assistance with monthly Online Banking (preparation of creditor / supplier payments, preparation of wage
payments, loading beneficiaries, transfers etc.)
• Assistance with Budgets & Budgeting
• Budget vs Actual Comparison
• Guidance and Advice on Financial / Accounting Affairs