A Team of Highly-Skilled Professionals

KKCE Accountants and Auditors Incorporated is a diverse and dynamic team of highly-skilled professionals focused on business improvement and growth. We are devoted to excellent service delivery in all spheres of auditing, accounting, taxation, and business advisory services.

Founded in 2001, KCE Accountants and Auditors Inc. opened doors with 5 clients and after 20 years of consistent and loyal service and assistance, KCE Accountants and Auditors Inc. service over 500 clients with precision and excellence.

Founding Director

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Kim is the pulse of KCE Accountants and Auditors Incorporated, ensuring our valued clients receive the excellent service and ‘personal touch’ she has instilled and infused into every part of the KCE family. Personally, overseeing the functioning of KCE, Kim plays a strategic role in keeping us abreast of legislative developments, guiding us strategically, keeping KCE Accountants and Auditors at the forefront of professional service and Modern Technology.

Kim is a qualified Chartered Accountant with over 20 years of experience in the financial sector. Kim is also a Certified Financial Planner, recognised as a Master Tax Practitioner by the South African Institute of Tax Professionals and has post graduate certificates in Advanced Tax and International Tax.

As the ‘Captain of the Ship’, Kim plays an integral part in keeping focus and balance between the major functions of KCE Accountants and Auditors Inc. (namely Auditing, Accounting, Taxation, Payroll & Company Secretarial Compliance) having built a solid team to oversee and manage each department.

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Director, wife, mother, role model, academic and fitness enthusiast; Kim provides everyone in her life with guidance, personalised attention, support and encouragement.

As an unashamed perfectionist, Kim inspires the KCE family to pursue uncompromising standards. A strong-willed and steadfast woman, who excels at anything she sets her mind to; she leads from the front, going to the ends of the earth to meet our clients where they are at and bring them to the finish line as winners. Kim is also fair and level-headed and capable of seeing all sides of a situation.

Ever the academic; accounting, tax and auditing are her passion, she is constantly keeping up to date with new legislation, tax laws and cutting edge strategies to keep our clients and our company ahead of the pack. Having passed every level of her education from secondary to tertiary and advanced qualifications in a single attempt, she strives for excellence in all things academic, giving and expecting only the best of the best.

Just some of the value-added foci of Kim White:

  • Management of all senior and junior employees at KCE
  • Management of financial systems and budgets
  • Head of audits
  • Head of tax
  • At the driving edge of expert client liaison
  • Reviewing of company systems and analysing risk
  • Using her expert knowledge to advise clients on tax planning within current legislation to minimise their tax liability
  • Advising clients on business transactions of varying nature
  • Instrumental in activities related to mergers and acquisitions, and the tax implications associated with this
  • Providing expertise in preparation of accounts and management reports
  • Forensic accounting – detection and prevention of fraud
  • Liaising with internal and external auditors and the handling and management of any financial irregularities
  • Recommendations following internal and external audits
  • Preparation of annual accounts, including financial planning and forecasting

Kim manages and expertly drives all of this and more with the finesse and integrity that has made KCE Accountants and Auditors the success it is today.

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